Puppy Party

Every Tuesday 7pm-7.45pm


For any puppy from 12 weeks old. For younger puppies please ring for advice


Aiming to produce a well socialised dog  

Puppy socialisation is so important and can avoid so many problems later in life. These 'party' sessions are an investment in your pups future.


Run by a fully qualified dog trainer - Unique and proven programme.

Let your puppy encounter different sounds and objects in a fun way.

Let your puppy play with similar aged puppies in a safe controlled environment.


Learn and ask questions about

House Training, Crate Training, Walking on lead, Recalls,

Puppy Positions (Sit, Down, Stand), Stays, Tricks,

Whistle Training, Noise Desensitization, Socialisation

Nutrition, Questions & Answers

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Held at Burnley Pet Boarding Centre, Stoney Raikes Barn, Robin House Lane,

Briercliffe, Burnley, Lancs BB10 3RW


Confidence Building Exercises include:

Tunnels   -   Different surfaces   -   Small Obstacles   -   Moving Objects

Advanced Training Class


The Advanced Training Class is for dogs progressing on from the Puppy Parties. Classes include exercises and tests to help you and your dog gain a good level of obedience.


Exercises included in this class are :- walking on lead, walking off lead, recall, send away, stays, and basic tricks all designed to build a stronger relationship with your dog.


Every Tuesday 7.45pm-8.30pm



Prices for all classes

 8 sessions £40

to be used within 12 weeks.

Puppy Obedience Test

Please click on any of the following links to view the exercises you and dog will learn at each level