Initial Consultation


The first time Alpha Dog Training see you and your dog, you will receive an unrushed consultation.


This session is to ascertain what the needs of you and your dog are and the best way to help you achieve your aims. An informal meeting gives you and your dog the chance to meet the trainer, ask any questions you may have and discuss your aims.


At this meeting the trainer will be able to assess the dog's behaviour/problems, introduce techniques to address these issues and create a comfortable and safe environment for both you and your dog.


A full training plan specific to your dogs needs will be created and you will have the opportunity to purchase a hard copy to work with. Each exercise/technique will be broken down into easily workable steps designed to work at a pace and level that is tailored to you and your dog. Our support network means that if you have any difficulties we will be available to offer support and advice, via telephone, e-mail or a home visit.

Training Packages


Alpha Dog Training also provides three levels of training, Gold, Silver & Bronze.

The level you choose is dependent on your requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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Alpha Dog Training has found that teaching your dog tricks can help in many ways.

  • Tricks builds the bond between dog and owner.

  • Helps with general behaviour.

  • Keeps the dog fit and its mind active.

  • We can even use tricks to stop unwanted behaviours.

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Puppy Advice & Training


Buying a puppy is a very big commitment, so why not talk to us and receive a puppy buying guide. We also know many breeders to put you in contact with.


Training your puppy can start from the day you bring them home. We can give you advice and a training plan on how to train your new member of the family so you can live happily together for many years to come.

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Secure Field


Alpha Dog Training have a secure field which can be used for many different training needs, but most importantly for dogs that run off or will not come back when called. This is an ideal tool to train your dog in a safe environment.




Alpha Dog Training can help with socialisation, with dogs and people or anything else your dog may be wary of.

We have very well behaved dogs that can help with dog socialisation  training.