Puppy Training is so important from the day you bring them home. The sooner you start the better relationship you and your dog will have. Alpha Dog Training offers a great puppy training package that will help you and your puppy in so many ways.


2 hour Home Consultation

Learn all the basics in training a puppy and see the result there and then for yourself. Ask any questions you have regarding your puppy.


4 Hour One to One Training

Have 4 hours of one to one personal, tailor made training to teach you and your dog all basic commands.


8 Puppy Party Sessions

Let your puppy socialise with other puppies in our proven puppy parties and also put into practice what you have learnt in your one to one sessions.


Life Time Phone and Email Support

Any problem you have contact us and we will give you all the advice we can throughout your dog’s life.

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Book before you pick your puppy up and receive a Free Half Hour Consultation

to talk you through the first day and week with your pup.