About Residential Dog Training Boot Camp



Alpha Dog Trainings’ Boot Camp for dogs is an intensive training programme that allows us to work on a one to one basis with your dog. Our intensive training programme is designed to ensure that the fundamentals of dog training are introduced to your dog and that the dog is responding well to them for then the owner to continue this once the dog has returned home to ensure you can learn to enjoy your dog.



We offer 7 to 28 day residential boot camp where your dog lives in our home for the duration of the training period, rather than living in a kennel facility. Your dog learns manners in the home as well as being trained out in the park, local town, beach etc, to ensure that the training is as realistic and efficient as possible. Your dog will receive multiple one to one training sessions throughout each day, along with at least two group walks and they may also have the opportunity during their stay to attend my own socialisation classes depending on age and behaviour of the dog.



All Residential Training is run by head instructor and founder Anthony Holden. We have dogs come through our residential programme from all across the UK every year. We have a very high success rate with all of our Dog Boot Camp stays.


We can also pick your dog up and drop back off for you, this may incur extra costs.


Residential Training Boot Camp is one of the most popular training options and is available to clients all across the UK. Our training school is based in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, Northwest England.



Who Dog Boot Camp is for

•  New puppy owners who want to fast-track their dogs training

•  Owners of dogs of all ages who need training or re-training

•  Dogs who have lots of energy and get up to mischief!

•  Owners who are going away on holiday who want their dog trained whilst they are away

•  Dogs who have severe behavioural problems such as aggression

•  Owners with disabilities who need their dog to assist them with everyday life



What's included in your dogs stay:

• Your dog lives with us in our home throughout the duration of their stay. For safety reasons, if your dog is not out for training, then they will be resting at home, this may be in their crate or a safe enclosed area within the home. However, your dog will be out training with the instructor for a minimum of 2 walks and 4 training sessions everyday, as well as accompanying the instructor to any classes or pack walks that are running.


• Your dog will be trained individually for several short training sessions every day, as well as taking part in a variety of group classes.


•         We train your dog out and about depending on the dogs specific needs so that the training is as realistic and effective as possible: town, park, home, dog groups etc.


• Your dog will attend at least 2 classes per week. The perfect opportunity to train against distractions. (This only applies if the classroom environment is suitable for your dog).


• Your dog is taken out for no less than 2 walks everyday with the trainers own dogs. Your dog will also take part in larger Pack Walks so that he has the chance to play, socialise and learn manners.


• Upon request, we can update you on your dogs progress via text, email, phone or Facebook every day, every few days or once a week. We can also send you photo's of your dog or short video clips for an additional charge.


• At the end of your dogs stay, we offer a 2 - 3 hour handover session, this is to show you the dogs progression and to teach and encourage you the correct way to keep up the training and newly learnt behaviours.


•     We also offer 5 hours of one to one training for yourself and your dog at the end of your dogs stay. This is available to those who feel that they need a little extra training themselves to handle their dogs or it can be used if you feel your dog may need a gentle reminder of the new behaviours they have learnt. We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience with Alpha Dog Training and we want to ensure that you go home feeling happy and confident in the training that your dog has received. You have 4 weeks to use these sessions at the end of your dogs stay.


• I guarantee that I will work hard with your dog every single day to get the results you want. However, please remember, residential training boot camp is designed to put the basics in place or to eliminate bad behaviours, unfortunately we can't always give you a fully trained dog at the end of it but I can guarantee I can give you the knowledge and skills to continue with training. You must therefore be willing to continue your dogs training at the end of the dogs stay! Residential Training Boot Camp gives you the basis to have a dog you can enjoy and continue learning with.



Prices from £350 per week.

50% discount for second dog.


Please contact Anthony on our contact page for a full quote.

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