The best decision I made last year was calling Anthony, his private enclosed field and reasonable rates is what made me choose Anthony over other trainers I telephoned. When we met Anthony, my dog, Dougie was a little wild natured to say the least, the freedom of training in the enclosed field gave me confidence. Anthony is an excellent trainer, extremely understanding, down to earth and never patronising…extremel​y talented. Anthony has completely changed mine and Dougies life, we still have progress to make but Anthony has taught me the skills to keep improving. Thank you and I wish Alpha Dog Training the most success, you deserve it. Please also thank Derek and Kath for lending their dogs to our training sessions.


Jane, Blackburn, Lancashire



Anthony has been training me and my collie dog Fynn for several months now and every problem I have brought to him he has found a solution. It is fun for the owner and the dog and definitely increases the bond between owner and dog. Highly recommend anyone with a doggy problem to give Anthony a ring.


Paul, Burnley, Lancashire



Hi Anthony just wanted to share my story with you .....


In these winds I lost a fence panel in the garden, hubby put a small piece of wood in place to stop Tess visiting the pub behind. In the morning I let her out to do her business and there was another dog behind the wood barking and having a go at Tess. To my amazement Tess was just stood on back legs watching and when I went an called her in she followed without hesitation (not long ago she would have popped over the fence and flattened the dog!)


It was a very proud moment, thanks for all your help!


Hi Anthony merry Christmas! Went for a walk with Tess today, met 12 dogs 3 of which came over to say hello one came over growling and Tess was an angel. No aggression, no growling or even hackles up! Even wagged her tail a little at one of them! Paul and I were amazed!! Had a very enjoyable time instead of having to avoid everything with 4 legs just incase Tess kicked off :) thanks for your help! here's to a happy dog walking 2012!!


Heather, Blackpool, Lancashire



Hi Anthony, Mika loved spending time with you and his playmate Meg... Well, what a difference you have made to our puppy - he is now controlled, well behaved, friendly and I can't thank you enough for your kindness and patience - wishing you the best of luck for the future and we would not hesitate to recommend you.


Lesley, Blackburn, Lancashire



Can't say how much we appreciate what Anthony and Alpha Dog Training has done for both our puppy beagle, Bertie and ourselves.  We have owned beagles in the past and although they have been much loved, we have found them to be almost impossible to train.  Anthony has worked wonders, Bertie can sit and walk to heel and is generally more attentive and better behaved. For ourselves, we feel more able to tackle problems as they arise and, through Anthony, have a much better understanding of his behaviour always with the knowledge that he can be called upon for advice. (and after a residential week with Anthony he can now drive a tractor - how cool is that!)


Sue, Barrowford, Lancashire

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